Empire Of The Blazing Sun Sokutsu Class Battleship

Empire Of The Blazing Sun Sokutsu Class Battleship

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When the Empire of the Blazing Sun took the decision to create a Great Navy that its Empress would be proud of, the finest engineers and scientists were gathered together. At the head of the project was Yoshiro Nagasumi, chief technologist of the Empire and a mathematical genius. Nagasumi’s Battleship design was audacious and broke away from the usual naval doctrine of ship design, but his favour with the Empress was to see his ideas turn into a reality. The main turrets of the ship were retro-fitted from the Blazing Sun Dreadnought and through an ingenious ‘shock dissipation system’ the hull of this vessel is capable of using two such turrets. Two hard points at the rear of the vessel allow for a Shield Generator or Disruption Generator.

The Empire of the Blazing Sun Sokutsu Class Battleship blister pack contains; 1 x Sokutsu Class Battleship model.

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