Federated States of America Independence Class Battleship

Federated States of America Independence Class Battleship

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Fast, low profile and filled to the brim with gunnery. That was the short note that Thomas Orlington Thruxworth III wrote when he began the design for a new FSA Battleship. His brother, Bartholomew Thruxworth, was a well regarded scientist and discovered a method of ‘super heating water’ to generate a steam that powered a turbine system and could, under immense high pressure, be used to drive massive paddle wheels, propelling even the most heavy of vessels at high speed. The Thruxworthian Engine was to revolutionise FSA naval design and versions of it would power the Independence Class, Lexington Class and Augusta Class of vessels. The Independence Class Battleship has two massive turrets, fore and aft, an array of deadly chain guns on its broadsides and a massive Rocket Battery. However, some Captains prefer to remove the Rocket Battery in favour of either a Shield Generator or Kinetic Generator.

The Federated States of America Independence Class Battleship blister pack contains; 1 x Independence Class Battleship model.

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