Australia & New Zealand

Shipping rates to Australia & New Zealand are as follows (this is also the rate for all areas outside of Europe):


Australia & New Zealand Airmail Shipping Rates

The cost of postage (shipping) is based on the value of the order, see the table below.

Order Value Shipping
£0.01 - £19.99 £5
£20.00 - £39.99 £10
£40.00 - £79.99 £15
£80.00 - £119.99 £30
£120.00 - £239.99 £50
£240.00 - £499.99 £80
£500.00 - £1,000 £120
£1,000.00 or more £160


Buy from Total Wargamer and save money

You would expect that shipping from the UK to Australia or New Zealand would not make financial sense. However, the weak UK pound now makes it possible to save money by ordering from Total Wargamer from a whole range of countries, even those on the other side of the world.

You can use the conversion tool toward the top of the page so you can see prices on the site in Australian or New Zealand dollars; these are updated weekly.

Some illustrations of savings that Australian and New Zealander customers can make when buying Games Workshop products from Total Wargamer; all Total Wargamer prices below are totals including shipping.

Item Games Workshop
Australia &
New Zealand RRP
Total Wargamer Price
(inc shipping to Australia or New Zealand)
Battleforce or Battalion $150.00 $95.82 $54.18
Typical small boxed set (e.g. Space Marine Tactical Squad) $55.00 $36.59 $18.41
Typical Codex or Army Book $42.00 $29.62 $12.38
2 Typical Blisters (e.g Space Marine Terminator  Chaplain) $50.00 $31.10 $18.90
3 Typical Blisters (e.g Vampire Counts Vampire Lord) $75 $42.16 $32.84

The last example represents a saving of nearly 44%...

All prices are in Australian Dollars; prices correct as of 20th May 2010, exchange rate taken from, the rate used by your credit card company may vary to a small degree.

Customs Duty

Australian orders under AUD $1,000 are FREE of Customs Duty.

New Zealand orders under NZD $500 are FREE of Customs Duty.

Note: We are not tax experts, this information was obtained from the Australian Customs website; or the New Zealand Customs website;, if in doubt please undertake your own research.

Please Note:

There are some items we won't ship due to their weight and/or size, these are as follows.

  • Paint Station
  • Imperial Sector
  • Imperial Strong Point
  • KR Aluminium Double
  • KaiserTwo
  • Horus Heresy Boardgame
  • Dust Tactics Boardgame
  • World of Warcraft Boardgame
  • Battles of Westeros Boardgame
  • Arkham Horror Boardgame
  • Chaos in the Old World Boardgame
  • Citadel Figure Case
  • Citadel Army Figure Case
  • Citadel Monster Figure Case
  • Feldherr Hardcase
  • Citadel Realm of Battle
  • Imperial City
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