Warlord Games Pike & Shotte (28mm)

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Highland Clansmen - Warlord Games


Recommended Retail Price: £25.00

Our Price: £20.00

You save: £5.00

Warlord Games' Highlanders are depicted as they would form for battle. The Laird and his close family in the front ranks, ready to fire a volley then charge, whilst the middle ranks prepare their Lochaber axes, bows, muskets and broadswords. The poorest, youngest or oldest fill in at the back shouting encouragement and hurling stones.

There is little one can do but hope that a good volley can stop these atavistic wildmen, for if they close their deadly, flashing dirks will soon finish the business...

The Highland Clansmen boxed set contains 18 metal Highland Clansmen, bases, flags & a background guide.

Note: models are supplied unassembled and unpainted


Pike and Shotte Armoured Pikemen - Warlord Games


Recommended Retail Price: £10.00

Our Price: £8.00

You save: £2.00

These Warlord Games Amoured Pikemen are great for adding variety to your exsisting pike units and increasing their size, or building a new one entirely from scratch.

These are great characterful models with a great amount of detail for you painters out there.

The Pike and Shotte Armoured Pikemen pack contains 8 random armoured pikemen with pikes.

Note: models are supplied unassembled and unpainted


Pike and Shotte Battalia Starter Army - Warlord Games


Recommended Retail Price: £60.00

Our Price: £48.00

You save: £12.00

Over £90 RRP worth of product for £50 RRP - with Total Wargamer's discount you save even more.

The Pike and Shotte Battalia Starter Army contains:

  • 80 Plastic Pike and Musket Infantry with 2 sets of Command
  • 24 Plastic Cavalry
  • 10 Firelocks
  • Plastic bases
  • 40 Full colour Flags both Parliament and Royalists

Note: models are supplied unassembled and unpainted


Pike and Shotte Clubman Militia - Warlord Games


Recommended Retail Price: £10.00

Our Price: £8.00

You save: £2.00

England in 1642 was a land of peace and sea of tranquillity compared to the horrors of the Continent’s terrible 30 Years War. So when the King and Parliament fell out and fisticuffs spread throughout the land it was like a bolt out of the blue…

No doubt most thought it would all be over by Christmas, but the war dragged on and on and, as usual, it was the common folk who suffered the most. Raiding parties from both sides waged a small war as a fight for supplies and personal plunder took hold of the soldiery who were, it is fair to say, often poorly provided for. This became too much for the good yeoman people of the midlands, and firstly in Worcestershire, then the West Country, the locals organised…

Led most often by their social betters, the villagers and small townsfolk formed associations, or ‘Clubs’, sworn to defend their livestock, beer and persons from any marauding soldiery whomever they were. They armed themselves from whatever were available, largely agricultural tools, and with whatever other weapons the local squirearchy could avail himself of. Some Clubmen groups even fielded cavalry!

They fought a few actions, seeing off small raiding parties, and even sometimes allied with an army for temporary advantage, though no general could count on the goodwill of these bands for long.

So Warlord Games present a savage looking bunch of villagers, led by their handsome squire (directly above), mustering on the village green before marching off to ‘beat the bounds’ of their parish and see off any intruders.

The Pike and Shotte Clubman Militia blister pack contains: 8 models 1 Gentleman and 7 villager and 2 weapon frames in metal.

Note: models are supplied unassembled and unpainted


Pike and Shotte Command - Warlord Games


Recommended Retail Price: £5.00

Our Price: £4.00

You save: £1.00

Officer. Lifted straight from page 116 of Wagner's classic TYW book, this officer is a classic study. He is richly dressed, in old fashioned jacket and possibly has served on the continent himself. He will be ideal for all early armies, as Royalist, Parliament or Covenanter and will serve as a captain or leiutenant of foot. He has a partizan and sword, and a pistol hung down from his belt. A lovely study.

Ensign. This fellow is taken from the wonderful Haythornthwaite ECW book, and is a classic Ensign, with sword drawn and dressed in a cassock. Again he could be used in all armies, Rebel, Royalist, Scots or Montrose.

Drummer. Every Company fielded at least one drummer and our fellow is neatly attired in a posh jacket with ribbon and braid attached. He wears a jaunty Montero with feathers too, something that the Colonel has thought it worth dipping into his own pockets for, which was common at the time. Being a warlord Drummer, although he is not carrying a sword, he is still packing a pistol for close defence.

Sergeant. We asked for this sergeant to be a hard bitten professional who has seen a thing or two in his time. He wears a Burgonet and sleeveless buff coat and is doing what sergeants do best, shouting! He could be slotted into any Civil war army.

The Pike and Shotte Command blister pack contains 4 miniatures; one Officer, one Sergeant, one Drummer & one Ensign.

Note: models are supplied unassembled and unpainted


Pike and Shotte Covenanter Infantry - Warlord Games


Recommended Retail Price: £18.00

Our Price: £14.40

You save: £3.60

There is a compelling thrill about the sight of a Scottish Government army drawn up for battle. Dour-faced hardmen from the lowlands of Scotland drawn up in their trademark Hodden Grey uniforms, topped with their distinctive blue-knitted bonnets, the Covenanters fought hard in many bloody battles of the civil wars.

Indeed they routed the English forces in the Bishops’ Wars leading up to the great civil war where they first sided with Parliament, fighting mainly in the North, most famously at Marston Moor. Then they made a momentous decision and sold the captured Charles I, their King, to his bitter enemies, Parliament.

This unholy alliance could not last and the Covenant army found itself allied with a doomed Royalist cause in the second and third civil wars.

Well-equipped and organised, the Scottish infantry could give a good account of themselves. They scorned armour, and often helmets, in their pike divisions, but all too many of them died at catastrophic battles like Preston, Dunbar and, finally, Worcester or were slaughtered in the Highlands by Montrose's wild Highlanders and Irish. Survivors were shipped to the West Indies where many died of disease, a sad end to a once proud fighting force.

The Pike & Shotte Covenanters Box Contains a Total of 40 Miniatures including:

The Pike and Shotte Covenanter Infantry box gives you enough parts to assemble 40 Covenanter infantry and eight flags, a painting guide and bases.

Note: models are supplied unassembled and unpainted


Pike and Shotte Cuirassiers - Warlord Games


Recommended Retail Price: £25.00

Our Price: £20.00

You save: £5.00

Thundering across the field of battle, resplendent in their ornate plate armour and pistols held tightly in gauntleted hands the charge of a cuirassier regiment was something to behold!

Warlord Games’ Cuirassiers are tooled up with horse pistols, swords and even war hammers. Sound the charge!

The Pike & Shotte Cuirassiers boxed set contains 12 metal Cuirassiers mounted on plastic horses, bases, flags & a background guide.

Note: models are supplied unassembled and unpainted


Pike and Shotte Dragoons - Warlord Games


Recommended Retail Price: £30.00

Our Price: £24.00

You save: £6.00

Warlord Games' dragoons can be fielded for either Royalist or Parliament. You could add bonnets which would make them perfect for Covenanter armies too. They can also represent all sorts of mounted shot for Thirty Years War armies.

Our lads are modelled so that you can have the mounted and dismounted versions of the same Dragoon , wearing his unique hat and carrying the weapon of his choice!

Whether you are Covenanter, a monarch-loving Royalist or even a Crop-headed rebel your army needs dragoons!

The Pike and Shotte Dragoons boxed set contains:

  • 12 plastic horses
  • 12 metal riders
  • 12 foot dragoons
  • 2 sprues of bases, 1 for foot and 1 for cavalry
  • 1 leaflet descibing the background of the Dragoons and containing ensigns

Note: models are supplied unassembled and unpainted


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