Warlord Games Germanics (28mm)

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Germanic Tribesmen - Warlord Games


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Rome's Legions had every right to be nervous. In 9AD, three Legions were put to flight then cut to pieces in the Teutoburg Forest when the great German leader, Arminius, treacherously led a huge German army to a glorious victory that sent shockwaves around the world.

Tough, brutal and ferocious, the German tribes made sure that the Legions of Rome did not cross the Rhine for long. Armed with wicked long spears, and powerful wooden clubs to smash down the shield of even the strongest foes, the Germanic Tribesman was an opponent to be reckoned with.

When they formed up in their characteristic wedge-shaped battle formation, screaming oaths and warcries that echoed in the dark forests of Germania and worked up to a frenzy by their grizzled bear-like chiefs, it would be a brave Centurion indeed who entered the land of the Germanic tribes...

Warlord Games’ Germanic Tribesman are led by a huge war leader, accompanied by a carynx hornblower and standard bearer. Warlord Games have included all manner of shields and weaponry to repesent these doughty fighters and have taken great care to include extra heads that show their ferocity and traditional hair styles!

The Germanic Tribesmen boxed set contains enough plastic and metal parts to make 30 Germanic Tribesmen.

Note: models are supplied unassembled and unpainted


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